HIS successfully complete major ducting & cladding project at CLP Black Point Power Station

January saw HIS awarded major works at Black Point, CLPs’ natural gas power station in Hong Kong to undertake extensive refurbishment to two units, replacing aging ducting and cladding at heights of up to 100m.

The works’ location involved multiple subcontractors as well as HIS staff and proved immensely challenging due to the scale of the materials requiring replacement and the relatively short timescale in which to complete.  Despite this, HIS returned both units to the client on time

Dan Bowden, Contracts Manager for HIS said:

“This project was not without its challenges, with multiple contractors working in the same area, significant increases in scope and a very tight schedule meaning there was an increased possibility of delay as well as increased safety risks.  However due to the dedication and professionalism of the team, we returned the units on time and without incident.”

HIS also worked with its sister company AS to apply an innovative system scaffold solution. Use of the system significantly reduced erection and dismantling time whilst improving safety and quality standards.