CPPS/BPPS Outage Recognition ceremony 2017/2018

CPPS/ BPPS began their yearly scheduled maintenance outage period in October 2017, ending in May 2018. Works such as scaffolding, lifting and site setup done by Access Services (HK) during the maintenance outage has been recognised by CPPS/ BPPS management for high standard of safety.

Access Services (HK) Resident Representative, Sunny Yau and seven staff members received certification for the work from Chris Cheung (BPPS Outage Director of CLP Generation Engineering Department), KK Luk (CPPS Station Manager) and Kelvin (BPPS Station Manager) at the annual CPPS/ BPPS Outage Recognition Ceremony. The purpose of the ceremony is to encourage contractors to complete all works in the maintenance outage period on time with zero incident.

Access Services (HK) continually enhances out project management and safety systems for work monitoring and work safety on-site to meet the safety goals of our client: Zero Exposure, See It! Own it! Fix it!.