Training and behavioural change

We actively encourage the latest international best practices. This is delivered through behavioural, technical and practical training to all the direct & indirect workforce at all levels. This training is originally implemented in October 2017 and has been refreshed and updated annually.

First in Hong Kong: Cantilever Truss-out

Access Services (HK) had safely delivered a Cantilever Truss-out suspended Scaffold with calculated kentledge counterbalance. This is a CPPS CPB control block upper wall refurbishment works (September 2019 – June 2020)  

Prevent dropped objects in the workplace: Barrier panel system

Barrier panel system was first installed for CPPS Unit B3 Boiler during the Oct 2018 Outage, since then, we have installed for Units B1, B2, B3 Boilers and BPPS Unit C5 HRSG and Turbine. Approximately total 7,500m length have been insulated against falling objects.  

RFID entry monitoring system

Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) Entry was setup by our Access Services (HK) Ltd team in CPPS Turbine Hall for Access Control system.

Fuel tank splayed scaffolds

We have been involved in PBPS Painting and refurbishment works to the external of Heavy oil fuel Tanks. The project ran from October 2019 to November 2019.

ISO45001 ceremony

Access Services HK (AS) held a celebration in recognition of achieving ISO45001:2018 certification for the company.

CPPS/BPPS Outage Recognition ceremony 2017/2018

CPPS/ BPPS began their yearly scheduled maintenance outage period in October 2017, ending in May 2018. Works such as scaffolding, lifting and site setup done by Access Services (HK) during the maintenance outage has been recognised by CPPS/ BPPS management for high standard of safety. Access Services (HK) Resident Representative, Sunny Yau and seven staff […]